Number of registered voters increases in Pakistan.

ECP: Number of Registered Voters Increase

► Election rolls show 106 million people eligible to vote in upcoming elections ◄

By Tayyab Younas

In a new report, Dunya News breaks down the demographics of registered voters in Pakistan based on data from the nation’s election commission.

In May, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) published the final electoral rolls ahead of General Elections 2018.

According to the rolls, nearly 106 million voters will be able to cast their votes in the upcoming elections. Of these, 59.2 million are male and 46.7 million are female, with the gender gap between male and female rising to around 12.5 million. That makes 55.9 percent of the registered voters in Pakistan male, while only 44.1 percent are female.

The numbers are approximately 23 percent higher than the figures for the 2013 elections when the total number of voters stood at 86.2 million.